Linda Yuma

I had an old, antique sign with a lady at a spinning wheel. I asked Scott if he could make me a gate to my front yard garden, somehow using this motif. I thought I'd be getting a really neat gate, and instead I got a real work of art.

One day, Scott invited me to his workshop and spent hours showing me his ideas, how the whole blacksmithing process is done and how the gate would go together. But I still couldn't quite visualize it until I came home one day and there it was, standing about 9 feet tall (on it's underground supports) ready to be installed. It literally took my breath away; I was just stunned.


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Chuck and Marla Swenson

Scott and Cy,

Thank you for designing and installing our magnificent fireplace doors. It was a wonderful experience, and we still admire those doors every day!

They exceeded our expectations.

Chuck and Marla Swenson, Creswell, Oregon

Larry and Lisa Schraeder

We had Scott Wadsworth remodel the front entrance on our adult foster care home, including a new handrail. The iron work on our exposed beams, together with the handrail add a lot, and look great!

We would recommend Scott and Cy at essential

Larry and Lisa Schraeder, Roseburg, Oregon


The Source of My Obsession

by Scott Wadsworth

An article published in The Hot Iron News, 2005







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