For millennia, the trades have been learned, mastered, and occasionally passed on. We work to improve the 'passed on' element. This has the potential to improve the world we share. Like music or art, craftsmanship has the ability to reach across borders, cultures, beliefs and barriers. Anyone can learn a craft, and doing so has never been easier or more important.

That’s why we created The Essential Craftsman Academy, our online community for craftsmen to learn and share. Our goal is to unite and promote craftsmanship among young and old - from the weekend warriors to the pros.


Mentorship Today


 A mentor can add wisdom, confidence, insight, and inspiration to your thinking. These insights can have dramatic effects on the trajectory of your life.

Small course corrections early on can make all the difference in reaching the intended destination!

Learn from the people around you. And when you cross paths with a trustworthy person living a life you admire, take the time to learn all you can from that person!

The internet is full of people like this, we meet them all the time through Essential Craftsman. There are a LOT of smart people lurking in the comments sections of the videos. The cream of the crop can be reached in our membership group, Essential Craftsman Academy.

Your next mentor could be there!


About EC

Essential Craftsman started in 2007 as a blacksmithing 'hobby' business.

With the close help of Cy Swan, Scott made a lot of really neat things and installed them in the local community. You can get a look at some of these items in our first ever YouTube video, which Nate made and posted in 2008!

In 2016, Scott and Nate took another run at putting content online. Fast-forward to present day, and our videos have received tens of millions of views and have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to think differently about work, tools, and craftsmanship.


Ready to start Blacksmithing?

Learn how to set up shop at home...for a lot less money than you think. 

Brands we've worked with

Willing to share your craft?

 If you would like to partner with us, fill out the form and we will get in touch. Understand that we have to be selective about the brands, tools and products that we choose to work with...there are only so many hours in the day!

If you have a proposal, please reach out!